General questions

Yes, it is a Charter third party liability and a Charter comprehensive cover with € 1.000,- deductible included in all prices.
No, chartering is only possible from April till the end of September.
If a boat will be further rented after a client cancellation, 15 % of the rental fee is due. If there is a total cancellation, meaning if a substitute charterer cannot be nominated or found by us, then 80 % of the rental fee is due.
No, your boat is fully insured. You are responsible for damages within the frame of your deposit, except for acting negligently or deliberately ( you have to take higher costs into consideration )
The Charter duration is normally possib le on a weekly basis, from Saturday to Saturday resp. Friday evening. At short term notice from 3 days according to agreement. You find further exceptions eventually at the Menu-Point Last Minute.
Yes, a boat sailing licence is by all means necessary for our boats.
When it is clearly ascertained, that you are not to blame for the accident, then the deposit will be handed over to you when you redeliver the boat. The damage will then be covered by the counter third party liability insurance. If it´s clear that you caused the accident,
Try to find witnesses, who can eventually countersign an accident report, which you by all means have to issue for the insurance. The charterer has to immediately inform us by phone. You should have the report issued by yourself countersigned by 2-3 persons.
You should immediately have a meeting with the Skipper of the other boat and issue a joint accident report, which both of you sign. If it is possible, try and get hold of witnesses, who also countersign the report. Ask the Skipper for the name and address of his insurance.

Technical questions

Of course ! All boats are checked all around minimum once a year.

Fa. Pelikan Oskar Burkhard