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Messrs. pelican tries hard to offer the web offer always topically and concerning the contents properly as well as completely. The appearance cannot be excluded from mistakes completely. We assume no liability for the actuality, the content correctness as well as for the completeness of the information appearing on our web offer, unless the mistakes were entered deliberately or negligently. This refers to possible damages of material or ideal type of third parties, which were caused by the use of this web offer.


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With judgment dd 12th of May, 1998 LG ( Land Court ) Hamburg has decided that one has to be responsible for the entering of a Link and the contents of the linked side . This according to LG ( Land Court ) , can only be prevented by the fact that one expressly distances himself from these contents. We have added links to external websites on our pages whose contents and actualisation are not covered by the influence region of Messrs. Pelican. For all these links it applies : 'We have no influence to the designing and contents of external Internet sites. Hence, we distance ourselves from all external contents, even if a link was entered on these external sides.' This declartion is valid for all links indicated on our homepage and for all contents of the sides to which links lead.

Legal effect

This publishing information is part of the Internet offer of Messrs Pelican Boatcharter. Provided that single formulations or parts of this text of the valid legal situation do not correspond any more or not completely, the remaining parts of this declaration of it remain untouched.