On this page we show personal and collected by customers moments and impressions of the beautiful Lake Garda Sending a copy of driving license (Inland)

Lake Garda (Italian Lago di Garda or Bènaco) is the largest lake in Italy. In the from 200 BC to 800 AD it had the ancient name Lacus benacus. Formed by the Rhaetian glacier in the long ago ice age. The first settlements on the lake shore date back to around 2000 B.C. Due to its location, the climate is sub-Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters with little precipitation. The average annual temperature is between 13 and 15 °C. Gardone Riviera, on the southwestern shore of the lake, has the mildest climate north of the Apennines. The northern part of Lake Garda between Torbole and Malcesine is a hot spot for sailors and surfers because of the constant wind. Perfect for an all-round boating vacation. Translated with (free version)


Impressions from Lake Garda