Häufig gestellte Fragen

1. is the insurance included?

Yes, charter liability and charter fully comprehensive insurance with 1.000,- EUR deductible is included in all prices.


2. is it possible to charter in the winter months?

No, chartering is possible only in the period from April to the end of September.


3. the agreed date can not be kept?

If the boat is re-rented after a customer cancellation, 15% of the rental price will be charged. In case of complete cancellation, i.e. if no substitute tenant is named or found by us, 80% of the rental price will be due.


4. do I need special insurance?

No, your boat is fully insured. You are responsible for damages within the limits of your deposit, except in case of gross negligence or willful misconduct(you have to expect higher costs)


5. start and end

The charter period is normally only possible by the week, from Saturday to Saturday or Friday evening. Short term starting from 3 days after arrangement possible. Other exceptions can be found under the menu item Last Minute.


6. do I need a boat license?

Yes, a boat driver's license is absolutely necessary for our boats.


7. what about the deposit in case of an accident?

If it is clear that you are not responsible for the accident, the deposit will be returned to you when you return the boat. The damage will then be covered by the other party's liability insurance. If it is clear that you caused the accident, you have no right to get the deposit back. In this case the deposit will be retained by us. The boats are all fully insured with an excess of 1.000,- EUR.


8. while mooring I have scraped another boat. What do I have to do?

Try to find witnesses who may be able to countersign an accident report, which you must prepare for the insurance company in any case. The renter must immediately notify us of the damage by phone. If possible, have 2-3 people sign the report you prepare.


9. while mooring another boat scraped me. What do I have to do?

Immediately sit down with the skipper of the other boat and prepare an accident report with him/her, which you both sign. If at all possible, get witnesses to countersign the report as well. Ask the skipper for the name and address of his insurance company.


10. Are the boats regularly maintained?

Of course! All boats are checked at least once a year.